EU Edge LLC is looking for Experienced Developers for its Budapest office

Why EU Edge?

EU Edge is an intellectually stimulating environment, where you will find challenges to satisfy your adventurous spirit and a chance to partake in truly exciting things. This is your opportunity to leave the confines of corporate rigidity for a place where skill, initiative, openness and team spirit is valued above all, but the excellence of the final product.

Our company specializes in high-quality, outsourced software development. We work primarily with US-based clients, providing creative solutions and programming expertise to innovative and technology intensive projects. We are advocates of Agile Methods, while improving ourselves and our processes is not only a necessity, but our passion and one of the core values of EU Edge.

  • Challenging, inspiring projects:
    • developing one of the leading profitable online grocery in the U.S,
    • startup projects,
    • impossible is nothing,
  • EU Edge Labs - time for your own project,
  • Flat organization.

Who we are looking for
The ideal candidate must have significant development experience and must be able to take individual responsibility for his/her work. We are looking for a colleague who values the fact that our company functions along higher professional standards than the market average.


  • familiarity with current JavaScript frameworks,
  • an understanding of the general architecture of web-based services, and relation of the UI to the rest of the application architecture,
  • motivation to learn new frameworks & languages.
  • open for backend technologies,
  • some experience in Java development.
  • experience in using Cloud services.


  • experience in application development, including complex, high-volume applications,
  • familiarity with a variety of open source tools and libraries,
  • strong Java skills, expertise with Java EE APIs,
  • deeper knowledge of relational databases and SQL,
  • client oriented attitude,
  • motivation to learn new frameworks & languages.
  • open for frontend technologies,
  • experience in HTML/CSS/JavaScript development,
  • experience in using Cloud services.


  • cutting-edge technology and methodology (agility in practice),
  • further training and knowledge sharing is encouraged and supported (during work hours),
  • flexible working hours, no overtime (time for your private life),
  • informal environment,
  • locked bicycle storage, shower,
  • massage three times a week.

EU Edge is a proud supporter of
The Hacker Pledge.

We provide a hacker-friendly workplace for our employees so they can thrive and continue improving their skills, to their common benefit.

As a company, we pledge to support:

  1. Initiative & curiosity

    We expect hackers to be creative, contribute product ideas, and challenge the status quo. We encourage them to read tech news, explore new software, and attend a few events a year on work time to keep their skills up-to-date.

  2. High-productivity working conditions

    We let hackers choose the best tools available, both software and hardware. To avoid interrupts and foster high-quality work, we provide an environment as calm and stress-free as possible.

  3. Openness & freedom of speech

    We encourage our staff to share ideas and knowledge about technology through meetups and exchanges with other hackers, while respecting the company's expectations for confidentiality.

  4. Giving back to the community

    Given how essential Free Software is to a hacker's work, we strive to give back by contributing upstream, open-sourcing internal projects, and sponsoring conferences or community organizations.


EU Edge is your trusted partner in software development, who is brave enough to share risks with you. Our experienced software developers, business development professionals and project managers guarantee that your project is in good hands and everything is going to be delivered as planned.



24 Tölgyfa Street
1027 Budapest